More than $200 Million Created in Enterprise Value

It was an overnight success that only took 6 businesses and 25 Years!

1 Million

Estimated number of minutes wasted on social media over the last 10 years


Rating his 7 children give him after being bribed with Ice Cream


People who agree that Peter is a recovering asshole


Largest deal Peter has negotiated
"Boy oh boy, what can I say about Peter Holgate! What an unbelievable privilege it was to be coached and mentored by him as I first set out on my new found desired path of professional sales. I have learned so many valuable lessons from Peter. His guidance has reshaped the way I look at sales, business, relationships and in some cases the world. Peter, thank you for your patience, care, and professionalism. I am so glad we are still working together in a wildly different capacity that is just as rewarding for me personally and professionally"
Caleb Clark
Founder at Hook & Ladder
"My life has been forever changed meeting Peter"
Jordan West
Investor & Podcast Host
"Everyone needs a big burly South African by their side"
Ryan Vetter
Royal House of Medici
"Peter is a person you can count on in any situation!"
Shaun Sunderland
Branding Guru

Not a virgin trying to be a sex therapist

I’ve been a soldier, a police detective, a debt collector, a Coca Cola sales rep, a management consultant and, for 25 years, an entrepreneur who has built 6 global businesses.

I’ve raised tens of millions in venture capital, survived being shot and stabbed, raised 7 kids and managed to overcome failing out of high school to end up at Harvard at one point.

Perhaps I can offer you a fresh perspective when you need one?

Recovering Asshole

Most bios that don’t actually tell you anything about the person. They blab on endlessly in the third person about all the accomplishments, publications and other self serving verbiage.

Screw that. You deserve better. I wasted the first half of my life ambitiously driving towards self-centered delusions of glory. You would not have been alone in calling me an asshole. Then something changed. I now practice compassion, love and kindness. Recovery is possible.

Racist, Misogynist

I used to hunt and hoped to be a carnivore in my next reincarnated life. Now I don’t eat animals. I believe that human freedom and dignity is under threat from an increasing bureaucratic technocracy. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, lumps me with the racist, misogynist, fringe minority. That means I am doing something correct.

Quote from a friend that best describes me: “Peter, you are like a benevolent cult leader”. You have been duly warned.

Peter Holgate

"Everyone needs a big burley South African on their side"

Ryan Vetter
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