An Essential Opportunity...

One of the attendees at the Inner Circle 2018 Mini Retreat described the event as “an essential opportunity to take our success at life to the next level”. For others it was that “I have been going about setting goals all wrong for years and it was only when Bob (Molle) described the importance of determining my “why” that it all fell into place”. Yet another attendee described how “relationships are the link to success in all other areas of my life. When I look at whether I am successful in business, love or health it is all linked to the relationships I have.

Together with my friend, Bob Molle (and with the amazing assistance of Tara Dobbs at the Black Sheep Institute and Jonathan Willcocks from Pinnacle Pursuits) the 2018 Mini Retreat created life changing inspiration. Attendees told us afterwards that their highlights ranged from surviving a tough workout given by Bob Molle (the only man to have won both an Olympic Medal and a Grey Cup ring) and then diving into the glacier fed Harrison Lake to cool off to the incredible relationships they have made during the mini-retreat. Some attendees found that walking a tightrope that was only held up by other people was their highlight, while others enjoyed the silent tea ceremony as a chance to reflect on the shifts they were making towards really achieving their true potential.

Perhaps the single most important highlight for me this weekend was the realization that most people (me included!) go about setting goals completely wrong. 

They many have read something about S.M.A.R.T. goals, only to find that this methodology does little in the way of actually getting those goals accomplished. Some of the missing pieces include; not fully identifying the relationships required to accomplish what is important and establishing the functional formula to measure progress. 

What meaningful goals are you notachieving? 

Regardless of the single most memorable experience reported, everyone shifted their context about how they see their life, building meaningful relationships and achieving their goals through a new lens while taking positive action towards achieving their true potential. Mission Accomplished!

Article Written by Peter Holgate
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