• Peter is an inspiring individual who has a long list of accomplishments in all facets of his life. He has a wealth of business knowledge and generously shares it whenever you ask for his advice. He is an excellent husband and loving father and big proponent of finding a balance in all sectors of your life. His Gestalt non-judgmental method encourages a “non biased/no advice” approach which encourages an expanded way of thinking. Peter is a person you can count on in any situation!
    Shaun Sunderland
  • What an unbelievable privilege it was to be coached and mentored by him as I first set out on my new found desired path of professional sales. I have learned so many valuable lessons from Peter. His guidance has reshaped the way I look at sales, business, relationships and in some cases the world. Peter thank you for your patience, care, and professionalism. I am so glad we are still workin together in a wildly different capacity that is just as rewarding for me personally and professionally.
    Caleb Clark
  • He and his team provided me with extensive strategic support for myself as an entrepreneur and my company during a pivotal time in the business and delivered above and beyond my expectations. Peter is very effective in what he does because he is very clear on his unique strengths when it comes to strategic planning and creative ideas, and he also has a great network of other talented individuals to fill other areas of need!
    Inna Shekhtman
  • Peter has been of invaluable help as a sales coach and a mentor to my team and myself. He is sharp, direct, personable, bring years and years of experience, and is result driven. I like how much clarity he brings to the table. Through many meetings with Peter, he has openly shared his experiences in business and life that have passed on valuable lessons. It's been a privilege working with Peter.
    Hamid Omid
  • Peter is one of those individuals with a very objective mind that you want to keep in touch with. He is always working on, or chasing, an interesting project. I recently attended one of his training workshops for entrepreneurs which was an eye-opening experience with plenty of actionable items.
    Mauricio (E.) Rojas
  • His knowledge and experience have made him an invaluable resource. I have done training with Peter and found it very beneficial to running and managing my own business and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their life and/or business
    Jeremy Williams
  • He is always bringing something radically new and insightful to the table with every interaction we have. His uncanny laser-focus and ability to cut right to the point to unearth previously hidden epiphanies is an incredible skill, one that I hope I can someday learn. Those who have the privilege to know Peter and work with him are better because of it.
    Sean Lang
  • As a successful entrepreneur and a family man (and a grappler!), Peter brings strengths from different facets of life to enrich performance coaching through Gestalt non-judgmental approach. Peter helped me gain clarity on business vision, removed artificial self-limiting beliefs, realized my unique skillsets and changed context that lofty targets are not dreams -they are realistic goals.
    Titichai Navessin
  • I found Peter to be the real deal. His insights into operation of a business and approach to growing brought new light into how I might operate my business. I sense this knowledge has been built from many years of experience operating his own businesses. After introducing a few other connections to him they as well found his insights and approach to be extremely valuable in how they are operating their companies.
    Kevin Maude
  • I appreciate Peter's approach to mentorship, which is to suspend judgement in favour of exploring and sharing experiences. I see him resisting the temptation to go to tell-mode and, on occasion I have asked that he simply give me the advice in the old-school way because I found the newer way too slow. Having seen and felt both the old and new ways of supporting someone in action, I certainly agree that his new way is more sustainable and effective.
    I find Peter to be empathetic, experienced and effective as a coach, mentor, facilitator and I appreciate that he is on the journey with me rather than it being a case of me trying to catch up with him.
    Rupert Whiting
  • Peter is a direct, cut-through-the-BS individual who has a proven success rate and is generous sharing valuable insights and strategies. He's helped me gain clarity on everything from health to relationships to business. An excellent mentor for any entrepreneur who wants to grow.
    Rick Sloboda
  • Peter has been a driving force, and a helping hand. He has inspired and helped me to realize better health and clear goals in my life. I really appreciate and value Peter’s honesty and direct approach to life. Peter makes things happen. Peter continues to learn and develop his skills and has an amazing capacity and appetite for new and exciting projects and relationships. Working with Peter and knowing Peter inspires personal growth.
    Aaron Gildener
  • I believe one of the greatest strengths anyone can have is self awareness. The recognition and desire to be better at something and humble enough to admit to not knowing everything. Peter is that person. It has been honor to be training, coaching and mentoring with Peter as he develops his personal sales style. His thirst for knowledge is almost as great as his desire to implement the teaching. Peter is someone I recommend you add to your circle of influence.
    John Glennon
  • The first time I heard Peter speak, I was inspired. His passion to provide solutions to complex challenges like electronic waste while at the same time making the world a better place is exemplary. His knowledge of supply chains and technology management, combined with his ability to create strong relationships are just a few of the ways that he is able to create value, activate people and provide leadership.
    Daniel Rotman
  • Peter’s ability to quickly determine the strategic and critical success factors in a business and execute to a plan has enabled him to build successful businesses in a variety of different segments. Peter is an astute, experienced businessman with a broad range of skills and has successfully started up and operated businesses as well as offered sound and professional advice to companies facing a variety of challenges.
    Michael Hellyar
  • Peter is a very analytical and straight-forward thinking person. As a consultant he adds incredible value to every conversation. He is very personable and down-to-earth!

    His advice is always feasible and the results, when implementing his ideas, are amazing.

    I gladly recommend Peter as a referral partner and an excellent business contact.
    Philipp Fuhrmann
  • Peter has helped me understand business in ways I have never known before. He has helped us with our vision and has provided a detailed road map with all of the secret pitfalls and obsticals to avoid.

    He handles critisim and questions with answers that are meanful and provides detailed steps to take and resources to use in order to understand the concept of the discussion.
    Christopher S. Pinter